And the Apps For Good People's Choice Award winners are…

Congratulations to Sign Time! Winners of the 2017 Apps for Good People’s Choice Award powered by Virgin Red.

Anna, Michelle & Lily from St Marylebone School in London team describe their app as the “duolingo for sign language”

Hear from the team:

“There are more than 45,000 deaf children in the UK, 24,000 of which use signing as their main language. This is clearly a huge problem because many children using only sign language are unable to communicate fully with people who don’t know sign language, limiting them in everyday tasks. Sign time is a free, easy app that teaches children and young people sign language through visual learning and educational games. Our aim is to break down communication barriers and teach sign language in a simple yet entertaining way.

The Sign Time app combines mini-games and quizzes with embedded videos to help people quickly and efficiently improve their sign language skills.

Our app contains educational games and a progress tracker. To get this data we will collaborate with BSL (British Sign Language) because it offers us the content and data for our app. We will also embed a library of videos that instruct people on how to learn sign language.

We’re aiming this app for young children and adolescents. Our app meets their needs because we’ve included a child-friendly mascot. Also, the quick play feature of our app can make it more entertaining for our users.”

The team engaged in research with Lambeth Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) to design their product, putting the needs of the community in London at the forefront of their product.

The Sign Time team will receive mentoring from Virgin Red and Holly Branson in order to take their idea to the next level.

From everyone at Apps for Good and Virgin Red, congratulations Sign Time!