Hunt high and hunt low…

It’s day eight of V Marks the Spot, our big red Virgin treasure hunt! How many of our coins have you spotted so far? There’s loads more to come sokeep your eyes peeled.

What have you missed?

The good news is; you haven’t missed anything. There’s still time to find loads of gold coins. Why not try digital posters in Virgin train stations (until 10th July)? Or scratchcards in Virgin Holidays stores on your local high street? Or postcards nestled somewhere Caffé Nero coffee shops?  Or screens at Virgin Media stores around the UK?

No real-world coin locations near you?

Not to worry! We’ve got hundreds of coins hidden online too. More of them in fact! You can unlock everything on Virgin Red this month by just collecting online coins and doing things in the app to earn points too.

Found some coins we haven’t talked about yet?

Way to go! You’re ahead of the game. You might find that later in the month some of our clues point to coin locations that you’ve already discovered but that’s okay. We add new coins pretty regularly so feel free to keep on hunting for those slightly more elusive ones.

Want more clues?

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Looking for the coin from our clue on the 14th?

Sorry, but you’re guna have to Get Lower than that to find gold!

Happy hunting!