Deep dive into our members' fears

Earlier this week, we may have got a few pulses racing with our ‘Conquering fears’ daily quiz. With a series of ‘this or that’ questions, we asked you which conventional fears you’d most like to overcome.

As the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved, so we thought we’d share the results so that you’d find comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. Here are the results:

Climb a mountain or sing on stage?

78% of you said you’d rather climb a mountain than sing on stage, which got a mere 22%.


Now we’re not asking you to perform to millions and be the next Mariah Carey, but what about a night of karaoke with your friends?


Go diving or stand on the edge?

Being ‘one with the sea’ seemed like the better option, as 61% off you would prefer to go diving (what about the sharks?!) than stand on the edge.


You could ease yourself into standing on the edge by living on the edge. Do something wild that you’ve never done before. Think about the adrenaline! Or if you literally want to stand on the edge, how about standing on the edge of a swimming pool? Seems a lot safer to us! Plus, if it all goes wrong and you fall in, you’ve got yourself a bit of diving experience – it’s completely win-win.

Hold a snake or hold a tarantula?

Finally, we asked whether you’d prefer legs or legless. Apparently our slippery friends are the more favourable one, as 73% of the Red community would rather hold a snake than let an 8 legged furry spider explore the palm of your hand.


How about befriending a little spider before moving on to the big boys? No? Ok, we’ll let you off with watching Spiderman. The thought’s there though, right?