A new version of Virgin Red is here!

Android users, please note you’ll need to delete your existing version of the app and install the new one from the Play Store to see these updates.

Unsurprisingly, we’re pretty big fans of our own work here at Virgin Red, but we know that there are always improvements for us to make. Obviously, our end goal is for you to enjoy what we do as much as we do, which is why we constantly try to introduce fresh, new features in our app. Intrigued? Of course you are. Don’t worry, you can find out all about our super-interesting introductions below.

Multiple bids on Reverse Auctions

Reverse Auctions can be confusing if you’ve not played before, but once you’ve got your head around them, they’re easy as pie! The winner is the one who makes the lowest unique bid. Not content with already offering something a little different, we’re now shaking things up even further!  You can now bid multiple times on Reverse Auctions – because doing something fun loads of times is definitely better than doing it once. That means that if you have your eye set on winning those 100,000 Flying Club miles, or a holiday for two, you can increase your chances of winning by bidding multiple times! Still unsure? Read this post about how Reverse Auctions work, and then get back to us.

A new Quiz

Get excited – we’re making our popular Quiz from V Marks the Spot a permanent fixture in the Virgin Red line up. To begin with, you’ll see our Quiz instead of This or That twice a week – we might make it more or less regular in the future depending on how popular it is. When you play our Quiz, you’ll be asked a multiple choice questions. You need to get all the answers right to win some points to make sure you’ve got your Quizmaster hat on! It really is that simple (well, if you know the answer anyway).

Geo filtering

Got your location settings enabled? Great, you’re good to go! You’ll now be able to filter offers that are physically close to you, meaning your content is about to get even more relevant. We think you’ll love this, but here’s fair warning… you may well get hooked. Well, if it’s on your doorstep, what’s the big deal?

A new way to purchase

This one will come in handy! Instead of tapping ‘Get’ to claim an offer, you’ll now need to tap ‘reveal voucher’ instead. This lets us know whether a code has been used and if not, you’ll get another chance to give it a whirl. This one basically guarantees that you’re never going to miss out, not if you don’t want to. And you won’t want to, trust us.

Intrigued? Why not head to the app to test it all out for yourself?!